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Regency Bar  & Lounge Gold Loyalty Card

Regency Bar & Lounge

If you are interested in signing up for our Loyalty Programme, kindly fill in the form below.


Welcome to the Regency Gold Loyalty Card Programme

The Regency Gold Loyalty Card is our way of showing our appreciation for your loyalty to Terra Nova All Suite Hotel by rewarding you with points every time you dine or have a drink at any of our restaurants or bar. Points can be redeemed for discounts at the Regency Bar or any of our restaurants with the exception of banqueting events and the Monte Carlo Gaming Lounge. The Regency Gold Loyalty Card awards one (1) point for every US$1 or the Jamaican equivalent spent, to be redeemed at your leisure once you have accumulated an initial 250 points. Each loyalty point is worth 5 US cents i.e you earn 5% on every US$1.00 spent. The Regency Gold Loyalty Card is wholly managed by the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel for the benefit of its patrons and is not a store card or a credit card.


Step 1. Spend at least US$50 or the J$ equivalent on a single bill.

Step 2. Fill out the application form which will be provided to you upon payment of the said bill and submit the hard copy to your server or deliver to the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel Reception Desk with a copy of the relevant bill at your convenience. Only one application will be provided to the person paying the bill.

Step 3. Applicants whose applications are approved will be contacted within 14 days of submitting an application form to collect their Regency Gold Loyalty Card. The Regency Gold Loyalty Card may only be collected by an approved applicant in person with proper identification.

Step 4. Each US$1 spent earns you one point. Spend an initial US$250 or the J$ equivalent showing your card at every point of purchase. Once you spend US$250 or the J$ equivalent and  have attained 250 points you can begin redemption.

Step 5. Enjoy the rewards of being a loyal Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel patron at the Regency Bar & Lounge and Restaurants.


• VIP access to exclusive “Club Regency” Events.

• Savings on drinks and dining by redeeming points earned.

• Bonus points on your birthday along with a complimentary dessert sampler or a complimentary birthday cake if you celebrate your birthday at The Regency Bar & Lounge or Restaurants with 10 or more friends. Please book two days in advance.

• Bonus points on designated days and times, when extra points can be earned, the information for which will be communicated to card holders via email as necessary.

• 10% discount before taxes on Weekend Room Stay (Friday 3:00 pm - Sunday 12:00 noon) at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel. This benefit is not applicable on Room Specials and is subject to room availability. Offer is exclusively for Regency Gold Card holders.

• Advance notice on exclusive events and promotions.


Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. By applying to the programme and receiving a loyalty card you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions please do not apply for or take delivery of The Regency “Gold” Loyalty Card.

• The Regency “Gold” Loyalty Card is issued free to approved applicants over the age of 21 years.

• Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel reserves the right to refuse any Loyalty Gold Card application, and is under no obligation to give reasons for the refusal. Loyalty Gold Cards remain the property of Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel and are not transferable.

• Loyalty Gold Cards must be presented when requesting the bill if points are to be earned and each Loyalty Gold Card must be used by the holder only. Points cannot be applied to the account after the bill is paid.

• Only one Loyalty Gold Card may be used per order for earning and redeeming points.

• Points will not be awarded retroactively.

• Cardholders will not accrue points on purchases that are fully paid for by redeeming points, a gift voucher or other pre-paid methods. Part-payment using points will only accrue points on the balance of the purchase above the value of the points used.

• Non usage of Loyalty Gold Card within a 12 month period will result in automatic deactivation and holders will lose all points previously acquired. This means that if your account has no qualifying activity in any 12-month period, all points in the account will expire. Each qualifying activity extends the expiration date of all unexpired points in your account for 12 months from the date of the qualifying activity. Qualifying activity is defined as the redemption of points at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel for discounts on food and beverage. Once this requirement is satisfied points will not expire.

• Loyalty Gold Cards cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion, discount or specially priced offering.

• In order to keep Cardholders informed of all benefits provided by the Loyalty Card, the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel will contact each Cardholder in writing or electronically from time to time provided the Cardholder furnishes name or e-mail address so as to provide a seamless flow of information on Loyalty Card benefits. Note that changes to Cardholder’s name will require our issuing a new card with the new name and will result in automatic deactivation of the old card and loss of all points accumulated on that card.

• The Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel will treat all personal information as confidential and will not release details to any third party for mailing or marketing purposes. Please note that the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel reserves the right to provide such information if requested by any duly authorized legal entity.

• The Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel reserves the right to cancel any Gold Loyalty Card on 30 days notice and is under no obligation to give reasons for so doing. On the day of notice no more points will accrue and at the end of the Notice Period  any outstanding balance will be cancelled.

• Loyalty Cardholders are responsible for reading the Regency Loyalty Card Programme Terms and Conditions in order to understand your rights, responsibilities, and status under the programme.

• These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time in the sole discretion of The Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel without notice.

• Cardholders are responsible for periodically examining whether there has been an amendment to these Terms and Conditions, which will be posted on our website

• Loyalty Cardholders may obtain information on their account at the point of purchase as point balances will be printed on individual receipts, or at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel reception.

• Loss of the Regency Loyalty Card must be immediately reported to the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel for deactivation. Points used from a lost/stolen card before the time of report cannot be regained so we urge Cardholders to report this immediately. Cardholders will be furnished with one complimentary replacement card, all other replacement cards will attract a fee.

• These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Jamaica.


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